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From Domostawa to Dunkirk

Louie: from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoley, this program will be entitled from the halls of Domostawa to the Shores of Dearborn. I am very pleased and highly honored to be interviewing a gentleman today who is called Anthony Pietraniec I am sitting at his residence at 7424 Mead in the city of Dearborn which is about 4500 miles away from his home town of Domostawa. We will begin our interview with... With a glass of champagne since this is...

Anthony: (unintelligble)

Louie: sshh.. Since this is April the 2nd, 1978. Anthony Pietraniec arrived in Dearborn in the early 1900's. He arrived on this day in 1907 in the city of New York where he saw the statue of liberty for the first time. He arrived on April 2nd 1978 exactly 71 years ago today. Well Tony, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions. How old were you when you left Poland?

Anthony: 19

Louie: 19 years old, what year was that?

Anthony: 19 - 7

Louie: And what day was it

Anthony: (unint) April

Louie: You arrived in New York city on April second.

Anthony: Yea

Louie: And how long did it take you to get to New York City?

Anthony: How long did it take to cross the ocean?

Louie: Yea

Anthony: 14 days

Louie: Ok, uh, upon leaving Domostawa what did you... uh, who was there to see you off? Who said goodbye to you in Domostawa?

Anthony: My daddy

Louie: How old was he then?

Anthony: Oh, I don't know, about 50

Louie: 50, and was your mother living at the time?

Anthony: Yea

Louie: Was she there too

Anthony: No

Louie: How do you say good luck in Polish? Is that was your father told you? Your father must have said good luck to you when you left. How do you say that in polish

Anthony: (speaks polish)

Louie: How did you leave Domostawa by train? or airplane or what?

Anthony: On the roads! (speaks polish?)

both laugh

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: (polish?) How many horses were there?

Anthony: 2

Louie: Who was on the wagon with you?

Anthony: Oh, there was about, I think 6 people

Louie: 6 people? And then what, where did the horses take you? From Domostawa to Nisko?

Anthony: To Nisko

Louie: To Nisko, and then what did you do in Nisko?

Anthony: We get out there from there from the (unint) and we go to the (unint) It goes by so slowly for (unint).

Louie: Oh, what did you

Anthony: We got one hour time over there. so we went to rest and we have cooked salted pork and bread. breakfast

Louie: (lauging) That was breakfast?

Anthony: Yea

Louie: No bacon and eggs?

Anthony: No, No, they got no bacon (Louie lauging) salted pork. At that time the train come

Louie: where did the, where did you catch the train? In Nisko?

Anthony: Nisko

Louie: Alright

Anthony: Three car on it! Three car and engine

Louie: Ok, and then that train

Anthony: (laughing) (smokey?) engine

Louie: Lauging (unint)

Anthony: It's in the train you know (smells like smoke?) (louie lauging)

Louie: And that train took you from Nisko to where?

Anthony: To Krakow

Louie: What did you do in Krakow? Did you have to get off the train?

Anthony: Well, we get off there, and we stay there, then we catch a train to Vienna

Louie: To Vienna?

Anthony: Vienna

Louie: And uh

Anthony: (unint) and we go all night. 4 o'clock in the morning we was in Vienna

Louie: Uh huh, and how long were you in Vienna?

Anthony: All day

Louie: And then what did you do?

Anthony: Then we take the train to Germany

Louie: Where... What cities did you go through in Germany?

Anthony: Oh (?) chekoslovakia, Germany, that was Tescan (mispronounces dresden)

Louie: Tescan?

Anthony: From Tescan we go to - oh, Dresden. From Dresden we go to Leipzig. from Leipzig we go to Halle (Saale) from Saale we go to Magdeburg. from Magdeburg we go to Hanover. From Hanover, we go to the... Bremen, to the ocean

Louie: Now all this was in 1907

Anthony: Yea

Louie: Uh, when you got to Bremen, Germany, in 1907, what did you do? How long did you stay in Bremen?

Anthony: Two weeks, wait for the boat.

Louie: Oh, did you stay in a nice hotel?

Anthony: No, there - sleep on the floor

Louie: Where?

Anthony: On - on the big hall, everybody sleep on the floor. Got mattress, you know, mattress holds right against the wall, and everybody sleep there.

Louie: Where there a lot of people in that hall?

Anthony: Oh, about 300

Louie: Uh huh, and then what-a.. was the name of the boat that you came on

Anthony: (reitsport?)

Louie: Alright, and..

Anthony: German boat

Louie: Uh huh, and how long did it take you to cross the atlantic ocean?

Anthony: 14 days

Louie: Then you arrived in New York City on uh, april 2nd, 1907

Anthony: Yea

Louie: which is 71 years ago today

Anthony: Yea

Louie: Did - What was the first thing you saw when you got off the boat?

Anthony: The old lady selling donuts. 10 cents for the dozen. I go to give her ten cents...

Louie: How many dozen did you buy?

Anthony: I didn't buy nothing. I didn't have no money

Louie: (Laughing) How much was your boat fare over from Bremen to New York? how much did you pay for the boat ride?

Anthony: 40 dollars

Louie: 40 dollars? And you were at that time only 19 years old, right?

Anthony: yea

Louie: You were born in 1888 and this was 1907. Did you find America to be up to your expectations?

Anthony: Vacation? I'm looking for job, not vacation (both laughing)

Louie: What was your feeling when you saw the statue of liberty?

Anthony: well, uh, new world!

Louie: What made you come to America? Why, why didn't you go to Hawaii or Australia? Why, why did you come to America?

Anthony: There was lots of work here, we were looking for work.

Louie: was there any work in Poland?

Anthony: There was no work over there

Louie: Well, what did you do...

Anthony: (unint) I have to go to army, and I don't want to go to army

Louie: What kind of work did you do in Poland? Before you were 19 - Did you work at all in Poland?

Anthony: Work on the farm, yea!

Louie: What did you do on the farm?

Anthony: I work when I was 6 years old already

Louie: Yea, what did you do on the farm?

Anthony: Cut the hay... wheat, rye.. dig up potatoes, (?) potatoes.. Uh, All kind of work

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: Our own farm

Louie: Yea, and then when you got to New York city and you got off the boat and you saw this woman selling donuts for 10 cents a dozen, you saw the statue of liberty, then what did you do? Did you have a - How many suitcases did you have?

Anthony: No suitcase

Louie: Why?

Anthony: We got trunk

Louie: trunk?

Anthony: Yea

Louie: One trunk

Anthony: A wooden trunk

Louie: Uh huh, did you have any valuables in there

Anthony: huh? (both laughing) Nothing there

Louie: Nothing in the trunk? You must have had something in there

Anthony: couple shirts, bread,

Louie: (Laughing) why, why did you have bread -

Anthony: cheese, cheese

Louie: Why did you have bread and cheese in the trunk?

Anthony: well, gotta eat (both laughing)

Louie: Then what did you do when you got off the boat and you - where did you go from the boat?

Anthony: Go to take a (casegada?)

Louie: To where?

Anthony: (casegada?) (unint)

Louie: casegadada? What is that?

Anthony: That means uh, uh, you know.. the searching, check - check you.. what you got in the trunk

Louie: customs?

Anthony: yea

Louie: Uh huh, and did they -

Anthony: And you go the doctor

Louie: What did they say about your cheese and bread in the trunk when you went through customs, did they say anything about it?

Anthony: Said (my god?) they was about 6 months old (both laughing) but it was good

Louie: Alright, after you went through customs, then were did you go?

Anthony: I take a small boat, go on the (Erie?) station

Louie: And then what - ah, what was at the (Erie?) Station?

Anthony: We stayed there - oh... about hour and then we get the train and get to Dunkirk

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: Get to Dunkirk

Louie: How come you went to Dunkirk?

Anthony: Because I got my friend over there. He write me a letter to come over to him

Louie: What was his name?

Anthony: He was name (Boziovich?)

Louie: (Boziovich?)? was he from Poland also?

Anthony: Yea, my neighbor

Louie: Ok, so you took the train at the (Erie?) station and you -

Anthony: He come in fall and I uh, 1906, and I come on spring, 19 - 7

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: Said come over Tony here, you get a job, and we gunna be here, United States. And I got a job, streetcar

Louie: What.. Where? In Dunkirk?

Anthony: In Dunkirk

Louie: What kind, what were you doing on a streetcar?

Anthony: Digging ditch, for the pole. Pole you know, hold that wire.

Louie: Uh huh (A coughs) Was it hard work?

Anthony: No...

Louie: How much did you get an hour?

Anthony: 15 cents

Louie: 15 cents an hour?

Anthony: yea, that was (unint)

Louie: Was that good money then?

Anthony: (and the shop too?) 15 cents I got

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: (and you?) want to work on the machine (it costs 15 cents?)

Louie: And how long did you work on the streetcar?

Anthony: Three weeks

Louie: Ah

Anthony: Then I go and share (unint)

Louie: In Dunkirk, New York?

Anthony: (coughs)

Louie: And then, uh, how long did you work in the factory?

Anthony: Dunkirk?

Louie: What years were they when you worked at uh, in the factory?

Anthony: 19-7

Louie: 1907 till when? Till how-three years?

Anthony: 3? 8 years

Louie: 8 years, that's till 1915

Anthony: Oh, you're counting...

Louie: During that time - during that time you got married, didn't you?

Anthony: Yea

Louie: Alright, uh -

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