Part 2:

Dunkirk to the Depression

Louie: Would you like another glass of champagne?

Anthony: champagne?

Louie: Yea,

Anthony: what's that?

Louie: Champagne

Anthony: Yea, (unint)

Louie: Here

Anthony: Yea! I don't want it so much (laughs) no

Louie: (speaks polish)

Anthony: Oh!

Louie: Ok then, in 1907 you were in Dunkirk and.. where did you work in? what factory was it? What was the name of the factory you worked in?

Anthony: American Locomotive Company

Louie: American Locomotive...

:: noise in background ::

Louie: Mo-More champagne? More cham- more champagne?

Anthony: No, I don't want champagne (Louie laughs) (unint)

Louie: What was the name now of this factory that you said you worked at?

Anthony: American Locomotive Company

Louie: Is that in Dunkirk? And uh, what did you do there?

Anthony: Work on the machine

Louie: How much did you get an hour there?

Anthony: 15 cents!

Louie: How long did you work there?

Anthony: 8 year

Louie: And uh - you got married in the mean time

Anthony: eh?

Louie: You got married in the mean time, how did you meet your wife?

Anthony: In a church

Louie: In a church? what was she doing?

Anthony: Singing upstairs

Louie: mm hm

Anthony: Ah, you know, singing

Louie: In a choir? and uh, what year did you get married?

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: What ah - what year did you get married?

Anthony: that was 1912

Louie: 12? And uh, where did you live after you got married?

Anthony: At my uh, what do you call that? My wife's mother

Louie: Uh huh, how long did you live there?

Anthony: 6 months

Louie: Then what did you do?

Anthony: Then I got (unint)

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: 6 dollar I paid

Louie: When was your first child born?

Anthony: 1913

Louie: Do you remember the date?

Anthony: Ah, I don't know

Louie: March...

Anthony: Something like that, I don't know

Louie: ...9th 1913

Anthony: Yea, 13 march

Louie: and did you have any more children in Dunkirk?

Anthony: Johnny was born in Dunkirk too

Louie: What year was he born?

Anthony: 14

Louie: 14?

Anthony: he was 60 now.. how much, 63

Louie: And uh, where was Frank born?

Anthony: Detroit... on Junction

Louie: Oh, and you were still in Dunkirk, when you left Dunkirk, where did you go?

Anthony: Lima, Ohio

Louie: Lima Ohio? How did you get to Lima Ohio?

Anthony: On the freight train (Louie Laughs) Didn't have no money for bags then, it's free

Louie: Yea, uh, what made you go to Lima, Ohio?

Anthony: 1915

Louie: Yea, but what, why did you go there?

Anthony: There was no work in Dunkirk, laid off

Louie: Oh and -

Anthony: You went to Lima, I got a job right away

Louie: Did you take a -

Anthony: (unintelligible) Same job I used to work in Dunkirk

Louie: and uh,

Anthony: and after six months I went back to Dunkirk, then we go - then I went to Pennsylvania

Louie: Ok, but - when you were in Lima, you worked 6 months in Lima locomotive, and how did you get back to Dunkirk?

Anthony: On the express

Louie: Express?

Anthony: Free

Louie: Free? How come you got on free?

Anthony: ah, nighttime you know

Louie: You got on without paying?

Anthony: Yea, it was good, yea!

Louie: You were supposed to pay but you didn't pay

Anthony: (unintelligible) sat outside - hang on outside - between the two cars

Louie: (laughs)

Anthony: Yea! (unintelligible) Sandusky! Sandusky Ohio 90 miles from Lima. Them from Sandusky, I take freight train to Dunkirk

Louie: Was it?... Oh, I see. And then you got back to Dunkirk, and how long did you stay in Dunkirk after that? After you came back

Anthony: I didn't stay very long, I don't remember

Louie: So what did you do? Did you, uh, take your family from Dunkirk

Anthony: Yea, uh, we went to Natrona

Louie: Natrona Pennsylvania? And who went to Natrona from Dunkirk? You and your wife?

Anthony: Yea

Louie: And (florence?) and Johnny

Anthony: Yea

Louie: And you paid to go from Dunkirk

Anthony: Oh yea, we was on the train

Louie: You gave her a treat on the train

Anthony: Didn't go on the freight train

Louie: Did she want to go on a freight train?

Anthony: huh?

Louie: Didn't she want to go on a freight train?

Anthony: who?

Louie: Your wife

Anthony: No (both laugh)

Louie: and then what did you do when you got to Natrona, did you find (rent?) out there?

Anthony: (unintelligible) Karshinski

Louie: Who? Oh, Karshinski?

Anthony: (unintelligible) take the (rent?)

Louie: Uh huh, and did you work-

Anthony: (unintelligible (one year?) and from there I come over here to Detroit

Louie: Did you work in Natrona?

Anthony: (unintelligible) what's the name?

Louie: (? names a place where Anthony worked)

Anthony: (repeats name of place)

Louie: Uh huh, and how long did you work in Natrona?

Anthony: About six months

Louie: And then what did you do?

Anthony: Then I went to hospital, I was sick

Louie: You were sick, did you stay long in the hospital?

Anthony: the whole winter, 5 months

Louie: well, how did you survive?

Anthony: what

Louie: (laughs) how - what - where was the income coming in from?

Anthony: Income?

Louie: Yea, did you - did - did your wife work?

Anthony: Yea, she was working (unintelligible)

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: (unintelligible) She was working, yea

Louie: And you only stayed there about 6 months, then - then where did you go from Natrona?

Anthony: Then we go to Detroit

Louie: How did you get to Detroit?

Anthony: On the express

Louie: Train?

Anthony: Train, yea

Louie: And, uh, once you got to Detroit, who met you in Detroit?

Anthony: (unintelligible)

Louie: (name?)

Anthony: Yea

Louie: And then -

Anthony: then I got a job here

Louie: mm hmm

Anthony: (unintelligible)

Louie: Yea..

Anthony: Only... 26 cents an hour, work at night.

Louie: work nights, then, uh, how long did you work at (?)

Anthony: Eight years

Louie: Eight years? It uh, where were you - where was your first residence here in Detroit? Where did you first live?

Anthony: Out on Livernois

Louie: On Livernois? And then where did you move from there?

Anthony: (unintelligible) Junction

Louie: Junction?

Anthony: (unintelligible)

Louie: And uh, from St - from Junction to where?

Anthony: Ah, from Junction to (geiser?) from (geiser?) to... to... (virtes?) from (virtes?) to (parkinson?) from (parkinson?) to (freer?) from (freer?) I come over here.

Louie: And what year was that when you moved from Detroit to Dearborn?

Anthony: 23, 1923

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: That's 54 years ago! 55 - this summer coming.

Louie: Uh huh - and uh, did you like it when you moved out here?

Anthony: (unintelligible) it was (unintelligible) that time there was (unintelligible) city

Louie: Yea

Anthony: in fact there was (fortune?) city (at that time?) (very good?)

Louie: mm hmm. Did you like living in Dearborn?

Anthony: Oh yea.

Louie: why? What difference was there between Dearborn and Detroit?

Anthony: Well... I don't know.

Louie: Was there more open space?

Anthony: Yea, the more open... (unintelligible) (favorite place?) (and I prefer?) house here, it's alright to move. Am I going to keep paying rent and keep the house empty? As soon as I furnish the house, I move in.

Louie: And you've lived in Dearborn since 1923, this is 78, what is that?

Anthony: 55 years

Louie: 55 years now. Are you ever sorry you moved to Dearborn?

Anthony: uh

Louie: Are you sorry you moved to Dearborn?

Anthony: no, it was good that I get rid of (unintelligible)

Louie: Alt - Altogether how many children did you have from 1908 till... How many children

Anthony: was 6, 4 boy and 2 girl

Louie: Did you have any m- You had a couple more than that didn't you?

Anthony: no...

Louie: Sure, there was a total of 10, wasn't there? originally? I think there was. Uh, where else did you work in Detroit besides (unintelligible) Axle?

Anthony: (unintelligible)

Louie: You worked all over. How did you fare during the depression?

Anthony: depression? I work.. works.

Louie: You weren't working all through the depression.

Anthony: Oh, I work for the city during depression time.

Louie: What were you doing for the city?

Anthony: Clean up the street.

Louie: What, uh, was that uh, what did they call that? Where you lean on the shovel.

Anthony: (unintelligible)

Louie: Yea, but what did they call that where you lean on the shovel. You know, you go to work, but you stand there all day with your foot on the -

Anthony: Oh, yea, we did work though, we just, you know, keep um -

Louie: Didn't they have a name for that though? Like W -

Anthony: Yea (unintelligible)

Louie: They call it WPA or something like that?

Anthony: Yea, WPA

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: (unintelligible)

Louie: Did you work real hard on that?

Anthony: No.. that was the easy job

Louie: (Laughs) How much did they pay you a day?

Anthony: They give you.. you know, what you call - a check, for grocery and they give you oatmeal... and cornmeal... and a ticket for milk... and uh

Louie: And that's how you kept the family going

Anthony: yea... and I take (unintelligible) I got grocery, I didn't have no depression (have everything?) and the cornmeal they don't want to eat, you, so I take it to store, and he give me something else for that. He gots the small uh, chicken, you know, at the time, give the cornmeal to the chicken.

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