Part 4:

Grandpa's Opinion

Louie: This program is entitled grandpa's opinion. We have grandpa Pietraniec here and we will ask him a couple questions today on hidden camera and the... you make take his opinion for what it is worth. Hello Tony, how are ya?

Anthony: Alright!

Louie: Do you want some champagne?

Anthony: Champagne?

Louie: Here, have some champagne. I'd like to ask you a couple questions, uh, first of all I'd like to ask you, uh, to what do you attribute your longevity? Do you - to what do you attribute your longevity?

Anthony: What's that?

Louie: (laughs) What did you do in your life that makes you live so long? That's good for you?

Anthony: Well, I sleep long, and I don't drink, I smoke a pack of cigarettes

Louie: (Laughs) Is that what you'd like to pass on to all your family and friends? These are the things that mostly keep you... make a person live long?

Anthony: Sure (unint)

Louie: That's good, and how long are you doing to live till?

Anthony: Who?

Louie: You

Anthony: I don't know!

Louie: How long have you -

Anthony: Maybe tomorrow, maybe year from now, or maybe ten years. Maybe I go live over 100. Like this woman, you know? (113 years)?

Louie: Yea?

Anthony: She didn't drink whiskey at all, just like me.

Louie: And do you drink whiskey?

Anthony: No. Oh, once in a while, a little bit.

Louie: (laughs) uh... do you eat yogurt?

Anthony: huh?

Louie: Do you eat yogurt?

Anthony: Eat yogurt?

Louie: Yogurt - do you -

Anthony: What is that yogurt

Louie: That's uh, its - well, it's yogurt. It's good for longevity.

Anthony: oh

Louie: Ok, uh, what do you think about the sex revolution of the 60's?

Anthony: 60?

Louie: The sex revolution of the 1960's. Do you think that was a good thing, or..

Anthony: There is no good revolution

Louie: what - what kind of revolution?

Anthony: this is the best, no revolution, no war

Louie: (laughs) no, no, but I was, I was refering - I agree with you, I was referring though to the sex revolution, you know, in the 60's, everything just came out into the open, before they had long dresses, and everybody was covered up, and now they don't have anything you see their bare legs...

Anthony: well, ah, the neighbor, they didn't have nothing.

Louie: (laughs) So we really went back, with the 1960's back to adam and eve's time

Anthony: Oh ho - (something - mother?)

Louie: Yea - they say that clothes is what makes the person, because if we all were in our birthday suits, we'd all look the same, wouldn't we? Do you agree with that statement? Ah - Did you ever own a car?

Anthony: Who?

Louie: You

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: Well, did you ever want to own a car?

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: Anywhere's a car

Anthony: Yea, with the horsies. four wheels, just the same like a car, but the horses pulled that

Louie: Oh, that's easier

Anthony: But no gasoline

Louie: (laughs) you like that better, huh?

Anthony: In Germany

Louie: Uh huh. What is your, uh, do you have a favorite movie star?

Anthony: Movie star?

Louie: Yea, do you have a favorite movie s-

Anthony: No! no

Louie: They're all the same, huh? How about television, do you - what is your favorite television program?

Anthony: Well, I uh, like the news, (morning or born in) (something), price is right, that's all.

Louie: That's about it, huh?

Anthony: The five pound coffee

Louie: Oh, who says that? (Ali?) (Ali fretter?) (says, sells) five pounds of coffee

Anthony: Yea, he sell, you know, for about five years, he didn't sell that five pounds of coffee yet. Coffee's no good anymore. Let them.. down price

Louie: What do you think about toilet paper? How does she... how does that woman

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: how does that woman say about toilet paper? Soft or something?

Anthony: Oh, I forget

Louie: White cloud

Anthony: Oh, white cloud

Louie: Yea, but doesn't she say something

Anthony: Oh, soft, soft, right? her family like it, she said

Louie: Her family liked it

Anthony: They like the toilet paper, her family like it

Louie: What's your favorite food?

Anthony: Food?

Louie: yea

Anthony: (watermellon?) potatoes, cabbage, what, oh

Louie: Anything else?

Anthony: Donuts, coffee

Louie: That's a lot of good..

Anthony: Chicken soup

Louie: Does (Bernard and Annie?) Make good chicken soup?

Anthony: Yea, and uh, I got two

Louie: Yea? Don't you like canned soup better than Bernard and Annie's chicken soup?

Anthony: Oh, no, homemade soup is uh (something) times better

Louie: You like homemade kapusta too?

Anthony: Yea (unint) like home

Louie: What is your favorite high ball?

Anthony: You mean whiskey and ginger ale?

Louie: Yea

Anthony: No good.

Louie: No good?

Anthony: straight

Louie: What straight? the ginger ale or the whiskey?

Anthony: The ginger ale

Louie: Oh, whiskey's no good

Anthony: No

Louie: mm hm, uh

Anthony: You know whiskey took out, they don't drink you know (unint) don't drink. They don't like, they like water. water you stay healthy

Louie: what - do you do your own cooking?

Anthony: Why sure

Louie: Where did you learn how to cook

Anthony: oatmeal and uh, mushroom soup and uh

Louie: Where did - where did you learn how to cook? Where did you learn how?

Anthony: well, it's easy! You just put it in there, make a fire, let it go. With kids - sorry, get uh, chicken soup, or whatever you like

Louie: Are you a gourmet?

Anthony: gourmet?

Louie: (laughs)

Anthony: gourmet?

Louie: A gourmet, a gourmet

Anthony: what's that, I dunno

Louie: That's expert - can you make something, can you make shrimp scampi or something like that? a special dish

Anthony: no, no

Louie: uh, do you uh, play cards?

Anthony: oh yea, pinochle

Louie: What's your favorite card game?

Anthony: (hundred fifty?)

Louie: What is - what is your favorite card game

Anthony: uh -

Louie: Pinochle?

Anthony: pinochle game

Louie: You like to play pinochle

Anthony: that's the best. three hand

Louie: do you cheat at pinochle?

Anthony: cheating?

Louie: Do you cheat?

Anthony: no

Louie: Never, huh?

Anthony: no, you can't cheat

Louie: Ah, what do you suggest that's good for constipation?

Anthony: uh, milk of magnesia

Louie: Anything else?

Anthony: Uh, and uh, ex-lax

Louie: Anything else

Anthony: uh, I don't know

Louie: Prunes, is prune juice good?

Anthony: Prune juice? yea

Louie: Do you have any solution to the inflation? How can we stop inflation?

Anthony: Keep the price down

Louie: That would... really solve it, wouldn't it. What do you think of 1978 prices? are they too high?

Anthony: what

Louie: Everything you buy, is it too high?

Anthony: It is high, sure

Louie: How about haircut prices, are they high?

Anthony: It is now, 50 cents (you gotta pay five pair?) five dollars fifty cents

Louie: Yea, is that what you -

Anthony: I don't want to get a... barber shop to every three months (?)

Louie: (laughs) Do you pay five dollars and fifty cents when you go? What do you pay for a haircut

Anthony: well.. I pay, you know, half of that price.

Louie: Half? uh, what did -

Anthony: foolish to pay five dollar

Louie: uh huh

Anthony: When I come from poland it was a ten cent haircut - no, fifteen cent - a quarter - a haircut and shave. 25 cents

Louie: 25 cents

Anthony: ninteen seven

Louie: Boy, who was president of the united states in 1907

Anthony: Uh, theodore roosevelt

Louie: who?

Anthony: theodore roosevelt

Louie: uh huh

Anthony: that the one that uh, yea, that

Louie: that (tat?)

Anthony: Yea

Louie: You lived under quite a few presidents then, didn't you

Anthony: uh huh

Louie: of the united states

Anthony: (coughs) I got (unint) but I think 40 of 50 presidents already.

Louie: that's quite a span of presidents, isn't it?

Anthony: oh

Louie: Where did you learn how to play pinochle?

Anthony: We -

Louie: Did you play pinochle in poland?

Anthony: Yea - no they different, they call different, but same like pinochle, they call - uh, burda (?)

Louie: What do they call it?

Anthony: burda (?)

Louie: burda (?)

Anthony: burda (?)

Louie: How many -

Anthony: or durak (?)

Louie: durak (?) How many languages can you speak?

Anthony: Oh, I speak polish, english, and german. Three language

Louie: Say something in german

Anthony: (in german - roughly translated) What would you have me say? You don't understand it... (unint) You don't speak German or hear (?) German, so why should I speak German? You can't understand it!

Louie: I don't versteh (? german - to understand)

Anthony: You don't speak - uh, german

Louie: No I don't

Anthony: So why I got to speak german to you, you don't understand that

(both laugh)

Louie: and you can speak english and you can speak polish. Can you sing in polish, do you know any polish songs?

Anthony: Why sure, I used to sing in church polish

Louie: oh did you? Sing one or two lines of some polish songs

Anthony: oh...

Louie: just, just ah - just a couple lines. Something Polish. (speaks polish) do you know that?

Anthony: huh?

Louie: (repeats polish)

Anthony: That I know

Louie: That's polish

Anthony: yea

Louie: do you - do you

Anthony: I don't know, I don't sing that..

Louie: Oh, you don't sing that

Anthony: No

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