Part 5:

More of Grandpa's Opinion

Louie: ok. ah, you were a teacher in poland, weren't you?

Anthony: huh?

Louie: Were you teaching in poland? Did you - did you teach ah - students in poland?

Anthony: did -

Louie: You were a teacher in Poland

Anthony: Oh yea!

Louie: How many kids did you have in your class?

Anthony: 72

Louie: 72?

Anthony: Yea, that was private school

Louie: uh huh

Anthony: That was through the winter. Summertime, you know, I went to Germany, and the kids, go uh, work at their home. Summertime they don't go to school. I used to go to government school, but this private school. That's far away from government school

Louie: What grade - what grade was that?

Anthony: Oh there was ah - first grade, second, third, fourth. Reading, writing, religion

Louie: uh huh. did you have a degree?

Anthony: huh?

Louie: (laughs) did you have a degree? A degree. did you have one?

Anthony: why sure

Louie: to teach

Anthony: I had to go to my teacher, he asks me question, I give answer. and I got to go to priest, religion (unint) you know

Louie: yea

Anthony: and he give me uh, you know, the paper, ok. (unint) and they just go and write - teach, I going to teach the kid. Gotta have a paper, and ah, the church, uh, priest, uh, from the school where you go to school

Louie: oh yea

Anthony: from the - the director

Louie: is, uh, Jimmy a good boy?

Anthony: well, sometime

Louie: yea

Anthony: sometime he holler like a...

Louie: (laughs) Do you think we should sell jets to israel? Do you think we should sell jet airplanes to israel

Anthony: (coughs)

Louie: United states, should we sell them

Anthony: yea, they're going to sell them and they might be - some - sometime they gunna be (unint) (better ?) not sell them

Louie: ah, would you like to be president of the united states?

Anthony: Well, I go no, no, no school, you know, for president

Louie: What would you do if you were the president of the united states?

Anthony: I don't know (unint) (be like?) Carter (or not the?) president. (It's no easy going?) president, you, you know, you got, you are the head guy of 20, how many two hundred twenty two, two hundred twenty million operation

Louie: yea

Anthony: That way, you do right, it's ok. If you do something wrong, it's no good.

Louie: Do you use white cloud?

Anthony: huh?

Louie: Do you use white cloud (laughs)

Anthony: white cloud? (unint)

Louie: (laughs) Why don't you buy a trailer at camp dearborn?

Anthony: I don't want it, I don't want to live in gypsy town

Louie: ah, there's a nice one up for sale, it's one thousand dollars. Would you like to buy it?

Anthony: No, I won't give uh, I won't give one dollar. I like to go there, and one hour then I like to go home

Louie: would the midgets fit in that little trailer?

Anthony: mm mm. too much money

Louie: What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Anthony: I get (unint)

(both laugh)

Louie: Why don't you buy new furniture in this living room?

Anthony: This is good (enough?), I got nice furniture. Got a new lamp now

Louie: yea, but all new furniture would look real nice. It'd look like a

Anthony: Somebody do going to sit down, I - I'm myself and I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven three rocking chair, six for (unint) chair (unint) I don't want any more

Louie: Would you like to take a space trip to the moon?

Anthony: No!

Louie: If you had a free - if somebody said you can go -

Anthony: Not for one million, not for one dollar

Louie: If you could go free!

Anthony: I wanna live on the ground

Louie: Don't you want to walk on the moon?

Anthony: no, uh uh

Louie: It would be nice, wouldn't it?

Anthony: no no no

Louie: You could be on television

Anthony: no

Louie: Like Neil Armstrong

Anthony: There's nobody there, only one polish guy Twardowski (the unint)

(note -

Louie: (laughs) where

Anthony: yea!

Louie: On the moon?

Anthony: On the moon

Louie: Who?

Anthony: Twardowski

Louie: Who's Twardowski

Anthony: (unint) but the devil take him up there

Louie: (laughs)

Anthony: yea, got a farm over there

Louie: On the moon?

Anthony: Yea

Louie: What's the raise on the farm?

Anthony: huh?

Louie: What does he raise?

Anthony: He - you know he bet with the devil, but the devil gonna take him he said no, you can't take me, (and they been there one) (unint) and the devil go over there and (unint) put your name, put that name, uh, rome, rome

Louie: yea

Anthony: He's supposed to take him from rome, you know

Louie: Uh huh

Anthony: and (unint - a name?) got, you know, money, and he put up (unint - a name?) name, rome, rome

Louie: mm hm

Anthony: Italy. And that man who bet him - with the devil, he went to rome to the (unint), and the devil come over and pick him up, from rome, take him on the moon

Louie: That does sound -

Anthony: That Twardowski was a religion man, and he (sing church religion?) and the devil can't go up any farther, he go down.

Louie: Oh, he dropped him

Anthony: but he tried to take him on the moon that, but he didn't

Louie: (laughs) that sounds like a fable or something

Anthony: But that was some kind of, you know, a legend

Louie: Yea, a legend

Anthony: legend

Louie: yea, what's what it sounds like (laughs)

Anthony: (speaking polish for about 30 seconds)

Louie: Do you uh, go bowling?

Anthony: No

Louie: you never bowl. What do you think of people that play golf all day?

Anthony: Well, they exercise, that's good thing you know

Louie: it is, yea

Anthony: yea, that's all right. people live in the city and (unint) they go outside get the fresh air, play golf or bowling alley or whatever they like - but I I'm gonna play bowl - bowling, I'm too old, I can't even lift that, uh, ball

Louie: what does (mazurat?) always say?

Anthony: what?

Louie: (marurat?) what does he always say?

Anthony: Everybody home!

Louie: (laughs) how about (sala?) - this little boy here, what did he bring you the other day? to eat

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: Do you like to travel at all, dad?

Anthony: How I can travel if I can't walk?

Louie: (laughs)

Anthony: (matter with you?)

Louie: What's your best mode of travel? Do you prefer cars or airplanes or -

Anthony: oh, in the car

Louie: Cars? How far would you like to go in a car?

Anthony: Oh, chicago or new york, or dunkirk, or, yea, but poland is too far away, get tired. Right now it's an airplane, you know, sit one place

Louie: how would you like to roam the beach of waikiki and look at all those bikinis on the beach, would you like to go to ha- would you like to go to waikiki in hawaii?

Anthony: Why? no, hawaii is (over the ocean?)

Louie: But don't, yea, but don't you think you'd like it if you saw all those-

Anthony: I - (unint) I'd rather go to my hometown where I was born

Louie: Yea, but here you could take a camera, and you could see all those women walking all over the beach

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: and they're clad in their bikinis, and you can

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: And some of those bikinis you can see through!

Anthony: (unint)

Louie: Well, Tony, I - would you like more champagne?

Anthony: No

Louie: I'd like to thank you for this short interview

Anthony: yea, thank you too

Louie: And uh, we'd like to say that the opinions expressed by this individual, Tony, were his own personal opinions and not necessarily those of this station, and this program has been brought to you by yugo yashek's toilet paper company

Anthony: yea

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